“Incredible. After everything that I've seen about the day since, nothing - and I mean nothing - has brought back better than the texture of that day - the smell of the air, the details of the horror as well as its scope, the shock and horror. Mr Cain, has created one holy nightmare of a movie. Watching this brings back not just the memories but the *texture* of that day. I can literally smell the post-9/11 air that lingered over downtown Manhattan for months afterwards. I had forgotten how utterly shocking and viscerally terrifying the day itself was. It's traumatic to go back there, but at the same time somehow comforting to be reminded that this really did happen - it wasn't just an awful, awful dream.”

                                                                                  “a few days after” issac wilkins, cicala filmworks


“Lance Cain has always been a go to for us for “problem solving”  over the last 4 years he’s worked with us. He’s done everything from produced scripted pieces to actually creating a story from disparate elements on his own. As we place a high mark on storytelling and emotion, Lance’s work always gets across the information first, but it’s always in a way that moves the viewer. Most importantly for me, he’s easy to work with and collaborates with you to get the best work possible out the door when you need it. I feel like I’m just spouting positives here, but he’s a good guy to work with. If he has a clear idea of what you’re going after, he should knock it out of the park.”

                                                                                 rob hammer, executive producer, time inc studios


“Lance Cain has been an true artist. His work is impeccable and on time.”

                                                                                 mark heafili, producer & owner, mh3 productions